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Visit The Ice House Winery; Niagara's Icewine Specialists and try Icewine Slushies and Premium Icewine to become an Icewine Expert! Icewine Slushies were created by Jamie and Karen to serve as an Icewine Cocktail to "toast" any special occasion. The result is a "wow" flavour that guests love. Vidal and Cabernet Slushies are available in $2, $5 or $10 sizes; we have a "Kid's" non-alcoholic Slushie, too!

Open Daily from 10:30 to 7:00pm

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Winery Highlights

Jamie Macfarlane, wine master, and his wife Karen King, a sensory specialist are dedicated to taking Icewine out of the box and sharing how to toast everyday celebrations with Icewine!

Jamie and Karen have garnered International favour with their extensive experimentation with Northern Ice Premium Icewine. Jamie has been creating Icewine commercially for over 30 years and now at The Ice House Winery, he is dedicated to perfecting this complex process. Icewine is a concentrated wine and visitors to the winery learn the “Art of Blending Icewine” by making cocktails and sipping The Ice House N'Ice Slushies.
"The focus of Icewine as a dessert wine have been altered and guests are amazed how easy it is to capture long lasting, fresh fruit-forward nuances when Northern Ice is added to other drinks or foods."

- Jamie Macfarlane, The Wizard of Icewine at The Ice House Niagara Winery


Northern Ice Vidal Icewine 2013

Northern Ice is created from grapes left on the vine, hand-picked in the dark of winter while still naturally frozen. This toasting style of Icewine has the golden glow of candlelight and captures a complex intensity of peach and apricot with a harmonious balance of fresh acidity and honey. Serve chilled (6-8 °C) with full […]

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Northern Ice 2013 Icewine Riesling White

Jamie Macfarlane’s Northern Ice Riesling Icewine is made from his specially selected naturally frozen grapes, hand-picked in the dark of the winter. Watch how this Riesling Icewine explodes in your mouth with a poetic pear and crisp citrus dance that transforms into a surprising creamy, velvety mouthfeel. – Jamie Macfarlane Northern Ice 2013 Icewine Riesling White The Ice House Winery Signature Series […]

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Northern Ice 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon Signature Series Red

My limited edition Icewine Signature Series showcases our “toasting” style of Northern Ice. I like the way this Cabernet Sauvignon begins boldly with a crisp blast of complex fruit then opens up to distinctive black cherry, plum and fig nuances that slowly end with a warm, Port style finish. Enjoy it with rich cheese appetizers or […]

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The Best Icewine in the World

Niagara is the one region in all the world that has produced Icewine consistently for 30 years. As a member of the first commercial Icewine team, Jamie Macfarlane decided the only way to achieve his lofty goal of making the best Icewine in the world was to open a winery 100% dedicated to the making and mastering of Icewine. That vision was realized in 2005.

The highest quality Icewine is complex, intense, harmonious and balanced, with an indescribable “Wow” factor. The Ice House Winery is the only winery that exclusively makes Icewine in Niagara-on-the-Lake and Jamie sets out to produce the best of the season’s Icewine offerings. 

Under the Northern Ice brand, The Ice House Winery produces Vidal, Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc Premium Icewine.



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  • Author Blogger16 Front Page
     Front Page
    5 Star Review


    We leave the Toronto one day and the family goes along with Sirkka and Caroline against Niagara Falls.Some stops on the way fills the day with amazing experiences and tastes. 

    Canada is the world’s largest producer of ice wine (or Icewine as it describes it in Canada) due to their stable cold winters. Ice wine is a wine made ​​from grapes harvested and pressed while frozen, -8 degrees when it is manufactured in Canada. Ice wine is a sweet dessert with a high acid content, the taste fresh and not too sweet. The harvest is very labor intensive and the amount of harvested often small, which makes isviner is relatively expensive. The Germans were the first production of ice wine, already in 1794, they came up with the idea.[…]

    – Eva Sollén

  •  Front Page

     “4 Years in a Row”

     Front PageThe Ice House  Winery has received TripAdvisors’s Certificate of Excellence 4 years in a row! Thak-you to all our visitors who made this possible


  • Niagara Wineries groupon icewine deal 1024x1024 Front Page
     Front Page
    5 Star Review

     “Loved it here!”

    When our plan to ride the Whirlpool Aero Car got cancelled due to high winds, we needed something else to do. I knew about the Ice Wines in the area, but had never tried them before. We just happened upon The Ice House on our way around the Niagara On The Lake area. The place from the outside is not inviting like many other wineries, but don’t let that stop you. I loved the original look on the inside and quickly made our way over to the wine tasting area. We tasted all 5 wine options (including a Riesling) and I think I might have overused the word “Yum” during the tasting. The Cabernet Slushie was one of my favorites and I can’t wait to make it at home! My husband and I splurged and bought one of their 5 wine packages (this is EXPENSIVE wine), but I do not regret it for a minute! We were given a lot of great educational knowledge on how the ice wines are made (lending to the understanding of why these are so expensive) and we were also told several recipes. I Highly recommend this winery!

    – bikerchick10

  • Niagara Wineries groupon icewine deal 1024x1024 Front Page

    “Delightful Experience”

    We stopped by The Ice House and sampled their delicious ice wine. We really enjoyed our time there. I am not a drinker, but their ice wine was superb. They are very friendly and helpful and guided us to a delicious restaurant in the area. Would highly recommend a stop by their winery!


    – Beverley W

  • IMG 2034 Front Page
     Front Page
    5 Star Review

    “Best Little Ice Wine in Canada”

    I’m going to keep this simple. Best Ice Wine Anywhere! We were lucky enough to be really treated to a tasting extravaganza by one of the owners, Karen, She expertly explained the Ice Wine making process. She explained the nuances in tasting the ice wine. They provided amazing charts about the tasting experience. When you go, have the chart in front of you. It was crazy how you could taste the different flavors, in order, just like the chart says. A pricey experience, but worth every penny. If you are in the Niagara Fall or Niagara-on-the-lake area, you have to make this place a Must-Do.


    – Rickydogg

Address: 14778 (Enter 14774 on GPS) Niagara Parkway, NOTL, Ontario
Phone: +1 855.331.6161

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