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Niagara Wineries

Welcome to The Niagara Wineries Homepage - Become a Niagara Ice Wine Expert & Sip N'Ice Slushies at The Ice House Winery; with Niagara Wines Icewine Specialists.

Open 11am to 6pm (dusk)

 The Ice House Winery Niagara

14774 Niagara Parkway, Niagara-on-the-Lake,

Ontario L0S1J0 1 855 331 6161

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Niagara Wineries Niagara Wineries

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There are many  Great Niagara Wineries offering many different types of Wines in Niagara to choose from. The Ice House Winery in Beautiful Niagara On The Lake offers a variety of Delicious Ice Wines for you to try . Please visit our Niagara Wines link above to see our fabulous Niagara Ice Wines Special.

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Throughout my wine making career, I have never seen another wine match the universal appeal of The Ice House Slushies.  The refreshing complexity of this simple idea surprises our visitors and that makes them smile.

- Jamie Macfarlane, The Wizard of Icewine at The Ice House Niagara Winery

Learn about Icewine Magic at The Ice House Winery

What is Icewine?

The Ice House Winery; What is Icewine? Jamie Macfarlane, wine master, and his wife Karen King, a sensory specialist, can tell you.  They have garnered International favour with their extensive

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Icewine Appetizer Recipe

Poire Regal with Icewine Vidal

A simple and easy way to please guests’ palates.  This recipe is ready in minutes and is great for gatherings large or small. Because of its high sugar content,Icewine can be

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Northern Ice Icewine Slushie

The Ice House Slushies

We are amazed at the universal appeal of our N’Ice Slushies! It seems like after anyone tries one, their first words are “Wow!” This reaction got us wondering what makes

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