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Author: Eva Sollén
Date: Monday, August 24, 2015, kl.20: 26
Original Language: Swedish
We leave the Toronto one day and the family goes along with Sirkka and Caroline against Niagara Falls.Some stops on the way fills the day with amazing experiences and tastes.

Canada is the world's largest producer of ice wine (or Icewine as it describes it in Canada) due to their stable cold winters. Ice wine is a wine made ​​from grapes harvested and pressed while frozen, -8 degrees when it is manufactured in Canada. Ice wine is a sweet dessert with a high acid content, which means that despite a high sugar content, the taste fresh and not too sweet. The harvest is very labor intensive and the amount of harvested often small, which makes isviner is relatively expensive.

The Germans were the first production of ice wine, already in 1794, they came up with the idea.


Caroline has selected Niagara-on-the-Lakes winery for ice wine (where the vineyards succeed each other over a long distance) and the award-winning The Ice House Winery is one of our goals for the day. In addition to the manufacturing excellent ice wine, they are also the only winery exclusively produces ice wine, or "Canadian liquid gold" as it is sometimes called.

Vinmästaren Jamie Macfarlane and his wife  Karen King, along with his staff taking to effect development of ice wine to a higher level. By devoting 100% of his time and with an innovative mindset, creating the ice wine with the highest quality. Macfarlane says that ice wine is like classical music - complex, intense, harmonious and balanced. With such a mindset, one can not fail, it breathes perfection to his fingertips and their ice wine is very tasty.

The Ice House Winery has won several major awards, and you happen to pass by, do not miss their refreshing and cool The Ice House N'Ice Slushie which is a big favorite.

We have the privilege to test their ice wine served by very knowledgeable and pleasant Sarah, who tells about the different flavors and allows us to test the ice wine both pure and mixed with "ordinary" wine in a very good cocktail.  The latter is the favorite for the day!

The ambiance is fantastic! In the old barn there is yeast tanks and isvinet made while you stroll around in the cozy shop and tastes of perhaps the world's best ice wine. I can certainly recommend a visit if you are near Toronto or Niagara.

The address of The Ice House Winery is  14774 Niagara Parkway,  Niagara-On-The-Lake, ON,  Canada L0S 1J0

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