Five Fun Icewine Facts

northernice slide1 300x155 Five Fun Icewine FactsIf there's one thing Canadian winters have going for them, it's Icewine! Here's your chance to share your knowledge of Icewine Facts?  The Ice House Winery shares five fun facts about Icewine that are sure to make you want to raise a glass (or two!) this season.

  1. Late-season grape varietals such as Vidal Blanc or Cabernet Sauvignon, which normally would be harvested for table wine at the end of October, are left on the vine well into the fall to be used for making Icewine.
  2. When Mother Nature turns down the temperature in the late fall, the "magical-refrigerator" process begins. The cold temps protect the grapes from rotting and allow the flavours within the grape itself to transform.
  3. Once the winemaker has determined that the flavours have developed enough, they're still on Mother Nature's clock. The harvest must wait until the temperature reaches -8 C (15 F) and the grapes (not to mention the people who pick them!) are frozen solid.
  4. When the frozen berries are pressed, the resulting juice is naturally concentrated as some of the water in the juice remains behind in the press as ice. Icewine gets its characteristic sweetness, acidity and concentrated flavour because this frozen water has been pressed out.
  5. Shake things up a bit and try sipping on Icewine while snacking on salty-spicy snacks. For an extra cool, refreshing treat, try blending Vidal Blanc Icewine into a party-pleasing Slushie!

karen king and boys 300x200 Five Fun Icewine FactsThis post was originally posted on CBC's Steven and Chris website, after Karen debuted on the show in the spring of 2012.

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