Grand Gold Awards

Treat Yourself to Exceptional Grand Gold Winning Icewine

Grand Gold Awards from Monde Selection are rarely awarded and define the highest honour any wine can receive. Monde Selection is an annual non-competitive award open to food and drink products, created in 1961. It is run by the commercial company, International Institute for Quality Selections, Brussels, Belgium. Consumer products are tasted and tested in order to grant them a quality label. All products with a minimum score of 60% receive an award: Bronze for an average between 60% and 69%, Silver for 70%-79%, Gold for 80-89%, Grand Gold for 90-100%. Monde Selection states that “This bronze, silver, gold or grand gold quality label can be compared to the quality stars of a hotel or those of the Michelin Guide.” The Ice House is the only winery to receive three Grand Gold Awards from this prestigious institution for its “perfect and flawless” Icewine.

About Grande Gold Awards

Monde Selection, the international institute in Brussels, Belgium, is the world’s most prestigious quality selection institute and the official judge of all wines produced within the European Economic Union.

grand gold award 150x1741 Grand Gold Awards A Grand Gold is superior to Gold,” said a spokeswoman for Monde Selection. “It…means that the product awarded was unanimously recognized by the jurors as exceptional and perfect (faultless).” The Grand Gold Monde Selection medal is the highest honor rarely accorded to a wine.

Congratulations, Jamie!

Monde Selection GG logo R21 153x300 Grand Gold Awards2007 Grand Gold Monde Selection 

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2007 Grand Gold Monde Selection  

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2006 Grand Gold Monde Selection 

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Winemaker, Jamie Macfarlane talks about his Grand Gold Awards

Jamie Macfarlane and Karen King share their stories about winning the Grand Gold award two years in a row.