Grey Cup Chili

Jamie cheered on the Hamilton Tiger Cats for 2014  with his famous Grey Cup Chili with Vidal Icewine.
The Ice House Winery Chili Recipe 300x200 Grey Cup Chili
Jamie cheers on the Hamilton Tiger Cats for 2013 Grey Cup with his famous Icewine Chili

Every year Jamie still cheers the Hamilton Tiger cats with this delicious recipe. Jamie's secret step is to cook the onions in Northern Ice Vidal Icewine to take away any bitterness and add a layer of honey, peach notes to the chili.  If you like your Grey Cup Chili with some heat this recipe is sure to please. People are surprised at how Northern Ice Vidal Icewine pairs well with the chili powder heat, yet that is precisely the type of food pairing that goes best with this complex and crisp concentrated wine. When we first served this to our family and friends, they told Jamie “This is the best chili recipe you have ever made. Stop trying new recipes and use this one from now on. This is how chili should taste.”

The origins of Chili are uncertain, but it's natural to think of it as an North American classic. Chili has many regional interpretations, and within each region almost as many recipes as there are cooks. Niagara has Icewine as its specialty so we think it is fitting to add an extra splash when you are serving this tasty dish.