Icewine Cream Cocktail for Dessert:

%name Icewine Cream Cocktail
Northern Ice Vidal Icewine

This simple Icewine Cream Cocktail recipe has equal parts of 5% cream and Northern Ice Cabernet Sauvignon topped with cocoa nibs. By using 5% cream instead of a higher fat cream, the cocktail doesn't curdle when added to the crisp acidity of Northern Ice Cabernet Sauvignon. The bonus is the fat content is lowered!

Icewine Cream Cocktail Recipe

  • 1 oz (30ml) 5% cream
  • 1 oz (30ml) Northern Ice Cabernet Icewine

Pour over ice in a martini glass/add chocolate sprinkles or nibs

Icewine Recipe with Cocoa Nibs Icewine Cream Cocktail

When making an Icewine recipe for a cocktail, keep in mind that Northern Ice Cabernet Sauvignon provides a complex red fruit sensory profile that is sweet. By adding cocoa nibs to this Icewine recipe, the crunchy texture and bitter complexity creates a unique sensation. All of the nuances of fruit flavours shown in this Sensory Profile Chart are developed on the vine by Mother Nature and then our winemaker Jamie perfects the complexity with the balance of sweet and crisp acidity.

Red wine and cocoa
both contain Resveratrol and many believe it has potential health benefits. Some research has found that the compound can activate a chemical pathway in cells linked to slower aging, and other studies have tied it to cardiovascular benefits and anti-cancer effects. Another bonus!