Icewine recipes are exploding!

It's a new era of Icewine recipes. Enjoy the ride, as we have only just begun the transformation of Icewine as a dessert wine to Icewine as a sensory enhancer all types of dishes from Icewine appetizers to Icewine desserts. Cooking with Icewine delivers a higher level of complexity and fruit yumminess that will have your guests asking for your secret recipes.

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Entertaining made easy with Northern Ice Icewine Recipes




Historically, Icewine was served on its own after a meal, as a “dessert in a glass.” It was often served as a liquour.  Small sips of this luscious liquid gold can be a sensory delight at the end of a meal.  This concentrated wine was unlike any other wine and the wine world classified it as a “dessert wine”. But, this put Icewine into a box!

What makes Icewine so special from a sensory point of view is that Northern Ice Premium Icewine is a concentrated wine and contains less water than your regular wine. You get a lot of “bang for your buck” flavour in every bottle. Adding a small amount of Northern Ice to your Icewine recipes will add a distinctive flavour hit your guests will love. Do you want to know the secret to adding Icewine to your dishes to make amazing Icewine recipes? Remember it is concentrated. You only need a small amount for the burst of fresh fruit flavours to enhance your cooking.

Jamie’s Northern Ice “toasting style” of Icewine is also balanced with final acidic note that cleanses your palate. Concentrated fruit nuances that provide a long delivery of flavour and finishes clean.

Imagine what you can do with this Magical Elixir in Icewine recipes? Our favourite Icewine recipes are simple, most of which have five or fewer ingredients. Sign up for our newsletter for new ways of enjoying Canada’s Toast to the Land.