Icewine Slushies Origin

Niagara Icewine Cocktails with Northern Ice Vidal was the challenge for the hot summer of 2008. Visitors to The Ice House Winery were hot and thirsty and cocktails were popular. Some Niagara Icewine Cocktails had been developed in the industry, but they were considered to be high end cocktails for special occasions.

Monde Selection Grand Gold Quality Award 2016 Blue version Icewine Slushies
The most prestigious Grand Gold medal in the world

Jamie's 2005 Northern Ice Vidal Icewine had just won the Monde Selection Grand Gold International Award. The Ice House Winery visitors from all over the world were loving it. The winery was thriving! It was the perfect time to create special Niagara Icewine Cocktails. 

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Pisco Sours inspired Niagara Icewine Cocktails

On a trip to Chilli, Hernan Gras had introduced the couple to Pisco Sour Cocktails where every household served their own variation to guests. Karen and Jamie wanted to create Niagara Icewine cocktails Canadians could serve as a "toasting wine". They just needed a perfect recipe for the perfect Icewine Cocktail!

placemat Vidal small 300x200 Icewine Slushies
This VProfile shows the intensity and delivery of flavour notes.

As part of the Niagara Icewine Cocktails program, Karen completed this Sensory Profile of Jamie’s Monde Selection Grand Gold award winning 2005 Northern Ice Vidal.  The Sensory Flavour Profile  chart captured how much higher Vidal's Icewine overall impact of flavour was other wines or beverages.

The higher overall impact of flavour in Vidal Icewine is similar to drinking concentrated fruit juice.  Jamie confirmed that Niagara Icewine is indeed a concentrated wine. A seed was planted. What if Icewine reconstituted with water could create a more familiar and pleasing overall impact? What if adding water or ice to Northern Ice Vidal Icewine made it even more appealing?

 The Ice House Slushie; The Niagara Icewine Cocktails Winner!

Jamie and Karen added equal parts of ice to 200ml of Northern Ice Vidal in a blender and Voila! The Icewine Slushies were born, creating a more balanced, tart Sensory Flavour Profile that was so refreshing! Perfect for the hot summer of 2008….

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Icewine Slushie Cocktail developed by The Ice House Winery

That summer, The Ice House Winery bought its first Icewine Slushie machine. This refurbished cocktail maker needed to be treated with kid gloves and was terribly noisy, but the 2008 visitors loved the N'Ice Slushies!

And this was only the beginning of The Ice House Winery's Icewine Slushies...