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The Wizard of Icewine: Jamie Macfarlane explains how Icewine is made

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Jim Treliving from The Dragon's Den believes in The Ice House Winery on The Big Decision and the art of blending Icewine Slushies becomes a cocktail favourite with visitors who want to become Icewine experts.

The Big Decision

%name Icewine Videos and MediaThree days after The Big Decision aired on CBC on March 12th, we are amazed at the public's response. The support and encouragement is quite mind boggling.

For what it’s worth, like Buffalo Springfield, I know "there’s something happening here, what it is ain't exactly clear..."

Time and again people are commenting on how they are inspired by the love and passion behind The Ice House. Today, Dave from Stevensville, Ontario wrote, "We saw The Big Decision show.... and we think you are blessed... let me buy a case and be happy to see the two of you love."  

Typically, this time of year is slow at our winery, yet since The Big Decision aired we have had a constant flow of GTA visitors enjoying the Icewine Slushies and buying our Northern Ice Premium Icewine. This has inspired us.

As a small business, we deal with financial professionals who have their business models that determine the future of our company. They want to make accurate predictions, they want to eliminate surprises. They want to know.

And yet, we see the real wisdom is knowing what we don’t know and asking for help in those areas. So, we took a risk and we asked Jim to invest and tried to not be attached to any particular outcome.

Embracing life’s uncertainty is liberating. It makes it more interesting and it sure does keep one open to possibilities. How uplifting that business gurus, like Jim Treliving, are open to looking at the intangible value of "heart" within a company.

After being on The Big Decision, we are watching TV with different eyes. We now appreciate the time and effort that goes into filming any one scene and we are amazed of the effect this show has had on our business and our lives.

Each week we have followed the episodes of The Big Decision and have laughed and cried (well, I have cried...) as we watch the stories unfold of other companies trying to make their business work.

With at least 5 years under their belt, none of them have the naive glow of entrepreneurs who see a pot at the end of the rainbow. Instead we are seeing the tenacity, the perseverance and the passion behind their struggle to make a positive impact.

The final episode of the series - airs Monday, April 2 at 9 p.m. on CBC Television. We are looking forward to watching how an entire B.C. town comes together to rally behind ‘Hardy Buoys’, a fish processing plant that provides vital local employment.

And the story behind the Toronto, organic bath and body company ‘Tashodi’. It seems that Arlene Dickenson will have the task to heal bad blood between business partners before it’s too late. We will be watching to learn what we can from these stories.

Steven and Chris Show

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Karen King on the CBC's Steven and Chris Show

Karen King, The Ice House Winery's sensory expert had the luxury of schooling Steven and Chris on Icewine News for finer nuances of food pairing on CBC’s Steven & Chris show. Take a look at the CBC's Steven & Chris website, to learn about Five Fun Facts about Icewine.

R.I.P. Chris Hyndman.
A memorial was set up in the atrium of the CBC's Toronto broadcasting centre to pay tribute to Chris Hyndman. 

Natalie Maclean Icewine Videos

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Natalie Maclean Icewine Videos with  Karen King 

Natalie Maclean, world renowned wine expert and award-winning writer interviews Karen King on the best food pairings with Northern Ice Icewine and how to make Icewine Cocktails including The Ice House Slushies.

Icewine Cocktails & Food Pairing Part 1 & 2

Author, speaker, Rhodes Scholar, and all-round lover of all things related to wine, Natalie MacLean had the added pleasure of visiting with The Ice House Winery‘s Karen King for a two-part rundown of the finer side of this Award-winning Icewine. Natalie “gets” that although Icewine is “classified” as a dessert wine, this concentrated nectar is best matched with savoury rich foods that complement its complex, sweet fruit nuanaces. In the Natalie Maclean videos, she enjoys some of the trademark food matches with Northern Ice that visitors enjoy at The Ice House Winery. Northern Ice Vidal Icewine with wasabi peas is her favourite; this “Fire and Ice” combination is simple, and shows how Icewine pairs well with salty and spicy foods!

Adventures in Wine Country ICEWINE VIDEOS

The Ice House Winery on Adventures in Wine Country

Adventures in Wine Country tours The Ice House Winery with Jamie Macfarlane, our winemaster. Experience The Ice House by taking the virtual tour.

This TV show has food and travel experts  Greg Rist and Silvana D’Abate introducing viewers to wineries all over the world. Past adventures include Portgual, Italy and of course Icewine’s largest producer, Ontario.

The Ice House introduces Silvana D’bate and Greg Rist to Slushies in Season 2 of Adventures in Wine Country. This video provides a great summary about Icewine production and new ways to serve it with spicy appetizers. Silvana learns how to provide easy entertaining with Icewine cocktails.