NEW Cabernet Franc ICEWINE

Cabernet Franc Icewine 2014 under The Ice House Winery's Northern Ice Premium Icewine label provides a brilliant fresh strawberry and raspberry top notes that mellow into deeper berry notes of blackcurrant, cherry and plum with a just detectable finish of vanilla. f you love the taste of a brilliant rose wine, blend 25% of Northern Ice Cabernet Franc and white wine for a long lingering fresh fruit delivery.

Our Northern Ice Cabernet Franc fresh red berry plus a refreshing crispness provides a unique pairing opportunity. The trick is to pair Northern Ice Cabernet Franc’s balanced sweet and crisp, acidic notes with salty, and fresh garlic and herb notes that stir fry Thai or Chinese dishes excel in. The crispness of this Cabernet Franc marries well with rich cheeses that have a velvety mouthfeel and we also love it with spicy sausage and Creamy pesto pasta!

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Jamie Macfarlane has had much success with his Northern Ice Cabernet Sauvignon Icewine, now this Cabernet Franc Icewine is gathering dedicated followers for this superb offering.

At The Ice House Winery, Northern Ice™ is made by leaving our grapes on the vines well into winter to allow Mother Nature to cultivate the grape’s flavour complexity as it ripens.

The critical season for this rare red Icewine is not Mother Nature’s freezer (-8 C for harvesting) but rather her refrigerator. Cold but not freezing temperatures in November and early December is when the mysterious and magical flavour transformation occurs.