Cabernet Sauvignon Icewine; A Simple splash of Special

[pullquote align="full" cite="Jamie Macfarlane " link="" color="#511422" class="" size=""]My limited edition Icewine Signature Series showcases our “toasting” style of Northern Ice. I like the way this 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon Icewine begins boldly with a crisp blast of complex fruit then opens up to distinctive black cherry, plum and fig nuances that slowly end with a warm, Port style finish. Enjoy it with rich cheese appetizers or chocolate.[/pullquote]

Northern Ice Signature Series Cabernet Sauvignon Icewine 2013

Grape Variety:

86% Cabernet Sauvignon with 14% Cabernet Franc. 12% alcohol



200ml  $59.00

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Flavour Profile:

This Cabernet Sauvignon Icewine 2013 delivers low toned dark fruit notes of plum, cherry, blackberry and blackcurrant. Some say the combination of these rich fruit flavours and the honey background note reminds them of maple syrup. Another Mother Nature treasure. Whatever you add maple syrup to this Northern Ice Cabernet is an ultra premium alternative. Try 25% of this Icewine, 25% Balsalmic Vinegar and 50% Virgin Olive Oil for an amazing Bread Dipping Condiment.

2013 CabSauv Placemat Northern Ice Cabernet Sauvignon Icewine


One of my favourite blends, this Northern Ice Signature Series 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon is rich, soothing and mellow with intense fruity flavours reminiscent of plum, cherry, blackberry and blackcurrant. Rich. Full bodied. Big red flavours.

Food Pairing:

Northern Ice 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon Signature Series Red is  magic with dark chocolate, but something this rare is best to serve when your palate is eager at the beginning of the evening. The lower toned complex red fruit gives rise to a mellow, laid back mood and it plays well with appetizers that have complex textures and provide a range of interesting aromatics.

Try sliced crisp pears topped with luscious creamy goat cheese and crispy pancetta to provide a perfect marriage for this Big Red Icewine flavour