Northern Ice Vidal Icewine; CANADA’S TOAST TO THE LAND

"Northern Ice Vidal Icewine is created from grapes left on the vine, hand-picked in the dark of winter while still naturally frozen. This toasting style of Icewine has the golden glow of candlelight and captures a complex intensity of peach and apricot with a harmonious balance of fresh acidity and honey. Serve chilled (6-8 °C) with full flavoured cheeses and spicy appetizers or blend with ice for a refreshing N’Icewine Slushy. Like the polar bear, a natural wonder of Canada." Jamie Macfarlane

Northern Ice Vidal PREMIUM Icewine 

Grape Variety:

100% Vidal. 11.5% alcohol



200ml - $39.00 / 375ml - $69.00

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Flavour Profile:

This gold medal winning Northern Ice Vidal Icewine is aging beautifully, maintaining its ripe peach, apricot top note and its clean, crisp finish. Time has intensified and lengthened its overall flavour delivery with a distinctive pear note. This Icewine launched Jamie into the international big leagues with his “toasting” style Icewine. Crisp. Intense flavours. Complex. Clean. Great with spicy foods with a cayenne heat complexity. Served chilled to 8 ºC/46 ºF.

Vidal Icewine Sensory Profile Northern Ice Vidal Icewine

Winemaker Jamie Macfarlane’s comments:

Research told us some people were not dessert wine fans and Icewine was too sweet. My challenge was to create a new toasting style of Icewine that enhances the big flavours of spicy tapas and other complex foods from around the world.  After winning a Grand Gold at Monde Selection with my first vintage and a Gold with this 2006 and 2013, I am thrilled with how our Vidal Icewine provides the crisp, fruity complexity and power to stand up to exotic, spicy flavours that linger.

Food Pairing:

Our Northern Ice Slushy recipe uses this 200 ml size of Vidal to deliver a trademark big flavour hit and a refreshing crispness.The trick is to pair Northern Ice Vidal’s balanced sweet and crisp, acidic notes with salty and/or spicy notes, topped off with a creamy, dairy butter or cheese note. The crispness of this Vidal marries well with rich foods that have a velvety mouthfeel and we also love it withWasabi Peas!

The Art of Blending with Icewine:

If you love the taste of Moscato wine, blend equal amounts of Northern Ice Vidal and sparkling water and white wine for a new taste sensation