Premium Icewine EXPORT Pleases Japan

Japan begins the first Premium Icewine Export for The Ice House Winery.

The goods news about the flight was there lots of movies, the bad news, little sleep. It was a 24 hour door-to-door voyage with a 12 hour switch in my internal clock. I arrived discombobulated.As I browsed through the LCBO before boarding the plane I noticed the strength of the competition and the low Icewine prices. There is no duty free excise tax relief for 100% Canadian wine, and so it appears the current duty free Icewine strategy is high volume, low margins. Another reason for us to focus on Premium Icewine export to Japan.

The first of the Mottox Trade show was 8:30 am to 10pm with two short breaks to eat Bento boxes for lunch and dinner. I was impressed with my hosts professionalism and work ethnic and they treated me with great kindness.

On the way to the next Trade Show event in Osaka, we stopped at a Buddist Temple and Sake House and I left humming John Prine's song "Feeling kind of cocky, with a head full of Sake". The next day was a repeat performance.

jamie31 300x225 Premium Icewine Export to JapanAll in all, I saw 3,300 of Mottox's retailers and 500 of consumers in these public tastings. This was the best research we could do!

Yesterday, I received an email from my host saying the 3,800 trade show visitors in Tokyo and Osaka had been asked to vote the best wine from the more than 200 wines presented there.

Northern Ice Vidal Icewine was voted
NUMBER ONE in the white wine category!

Our host said,

It's surprising to know that sweet Icewine won the first place in this kind of tasting event where most of the visitors were professionals. This tell us how great your wine is J. I hope we will have a great selling year with you !!
And that was music to my ears.