Icewine Salad in a Jar

Icewine Salad Dressing

ICEWINE SALAD DRESSING We use the Icewine Dressing to add a luxurious complexity to your favourite salads. We use the dressing to marinate your chicken, black beans, corn and julienne vegetables and the topping of shredded cheese and fresh greens stays crisp on top until ready to serve. Mason Jars are great to use or Mayonnaise or peanut butter glass jars. […]

Icewine Lobster Dipping Sauce with only 3 ingredients

Deliver a rich and tangy taste.
This Icewine Dipping Sauce for Lobster is one that reached tops marks in our testing and tasting kitchen for flavour, simplicity and elegance. Serving Lobster with Icewine is sure to impress your guests. and this recipe is surprisingly complex in its flavour delivery.
Icewine Dipping Sauce for Lobster is surprisingly complex in its flavour delivery, thanks to the crème brûlée and citrus of Northern Ice Riesling Icewine.
First up, an Icewine Dipping Sauce for Lobster is an entertainer’s dream come true. The secret here taking melted butter and balancing its richness with the fruity pear, mango, papaya and citrus notes with a couple of drops of Tabasco sauce for extra heat. The heat and sweet plus the richness of Lobster and Riesling Icewine is phenomenal! Surprise your guests taste buds and if you must let them know it only took 3 ingredients to make this Icewine Dipping Sauce for Lobster.

Crostini’s with Roasted Red Pepper

Give them something to nibble on while you are putting the finishing touches on that grand meal.
Looking for something light and simple? Roasted Red Pepper Crostini’s makes a great Summer appetizer or a savory pre-Christmas lunch canapé.

So Light, fresh, creamy, and so simple everyone will love this satisfying dish.

This simple recipe comes together so quickly…you probably already have everything you need…

Northern Ice Vidal – Indian Butter Chicken

This Icewine Indian Butter Chicken recipe is dedicated to Rob and Judy from Toronto who visited The Ice House Winery today.

When they came in, they were excited to find the perfect wine to serve with their favourite spicy Indian dish; Butter Chicken. Its flavourful sauce can be made hot or mild and the beauty is, you can enhance the flavour when it is served with Vidal Icewine.

The honey, peach and apricot top notes marry beautifully with this dish, also known as Murg Makhani. This particular recipe was developed by Jamie Macfarlane, winemaker and chef extraordinaire. Icewine Indian Butter Chicken captures an extra layer of complexity with its authentic and traditional cooked-over-the-coals Indian flavour.

Northern Ice Premium Icewine Poire Regal Appetizers

This is a recipe for Northern Ice Premium Icewine Poire Regal Appetizers Northern Ice Premium Icewine Poire Regal Appetizers Print Recipe A simple and easy way to please guests’ palates. This recipe is ready in minutes and is great for gatherings large or small. Because of its high sugar content, Icewine can be stored in […]