Saying "Yes" to the Premium Icewine Maker was more magical than was ever expected.

Ok, if you saw the Big Decision you now know... Karen and I got engaged.

Trip to France 17821 225x300 They Both Said Yes to the Premium Icewine MakerPreparing for our Northern Ice Premium Icewine to be seen on The Big Decision was nothing compared to preparing for a proposal. You have to have a plan.

Like for all men the plan is one of preparation for rejection. (We all know it is a matrimonial spin on Woody Allen not wanting to join a club  that would accept someone like him as a member).

First I needed a venue. I narrowed it down to two choices. One - during half time on the Jumbotron at a Hamilton Tiger Cat game or, two - Europe.

I chose Europe - less conspicuous.

We were heading to France to visit Tricia Ryan, our marketing guru and her partner, Peter Welsh in Bordeaux, then off to Domaine Hubert Lamy Winery in Saint Aubin (As I have blogged I hold the Lamy’s personally responsible for my life in the wine business).

Next, I needed a ring. So then I did the male’s next less frequent activity, after proposing marriage; I went shopping.

First I went to the Beer Store, then Marks Work Wearhouse for socks and underwear -  making sure I wasn’t being followed, then into a darkened jewellery store requesting an expensive mixture of precious metal and gem stones suitable for throwing away.

I was ready.

Trip to France 197 300x225 They Both Said Yes to the Premium Icewine MakerIn Europe I figured Italy was the place. People propose all the time in Italy I told myself. Abandoned men are just part of the landscape and best of all, afterwards, I could do some emotional eating.

Staying at the fabulous Maso Franch in Valle di Cembra (you have to go), recommended by my good friend, Dennis Schrap at The Ciatti Company,  from my old days as a wine buyer – and guided with a bottle of Spumante from Pepe and Rudi - our gracious hosts at Maso Franch- to an abandoned medieval castle on a nearby mountain top suitable for jumping off...

I asked.

And the rest as you saw on the show and as they said in the Wizard of Oz “it is hist, it is hist, it is history”. Our Northern Ice Premium Icewine was blessed by Jim Treliving on The Ice Big Decision.

And Karen said yes to the real big decision, leaving me the proverbial deer in the headlights wondering why.