Vidal Icewine pairing with Sausage

If you are looking for an amazing Vidal Icewine Pairing....The Ice House Winery Supersod (Sopressata) is back!

Actually, it is technically not The Ice House Supersod but an ancient secret Polish recipe from the village of Sokolka.

Vidal Icewine Sausage Pairing by Les 300x206 Vidal Icewine pairing with Sausage
Vidal Icewine from The Ice House Winery with Les' amazing homemade sausage

The Master Sausage maker – Leszek (aka Les) Potapczyk, a descendant of Austro-Hungarian aristocracy – smuggled the recipe in his diapers when he emigrated in 1950. Our winemaker Jamie Macfarlane has a chance to make the Supersod with Les and we paired it with Northern Ice Vidal for visitors to the winery.

Locals may know Les through his marathon running, his work with the Terry Fox Run or read about his presence as a volunteer at the finish line of the Boston Marathon and helping after the bombing. Anyway, this man knows how to make sausage.

Assisting “Chef Les” with me was Cate Mee, a Northumberland lass who moved to Canada to, among other things, establish a premium VQA vineyard in Niagara on the Lake with her late husband Alan. It is their vineyard and winemaking skills which produced the Sauvignon Blanc used in the garlic infusion of the Top Secret ingredients listed below. Locals may also know Cate as a much decorated Canadian Women’s Squash Champion.

photo 3 300x225 Vidal Icewine pairing with Sausage
Vidal Icewine pairing with sausage in the making

As you can see the sausage is hanging; drying and curing. We will be serving it at The Ice House as a Northern Ice Vidal Icewine pairing.

Super Secret Supersod Ingredients

  • 25 pounds extra lean ground pork (twice ground ¼ inch hole)
  • 8 oz of “Ready Cure” – a modernization – or 10 oz salt
  • 3 oz cracked black pepper
  • 1 large garlic bulb, crushed and infused in wine for two days