Kiss with Icewine! Now that's the way to celebrate a special occasion!
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Jamie and Karen sample Northern Ice Vidal Icewine before their first kiss

Karen and Jamies wedding June 2 200x300 Wedding Kiss with IcewineJune 2 ,2012 was our wedding date and we had planned to celebrate outdoors at our home.  All week the weather circling Port Dalhousie was stormy and turbulent.  People kept asking if we had a back up plan to celebrate in case of rain. No, we said, we just had hope.
Its a funny thing about hope.  Sometimes, it is all we have to hold onto. In ancient Greek mythology when Pandora opened the box from Zeus and released all manners of evil into the world; hope, which lay at the bottom of the box, remained.

At 5pm on June 2, we were married and the sun shone upon Port Dalhousie. The unexpected beautiful weather made everyone celebrate the occasion even more; and that is the gift that remains when hope turns into reality.

Northern Ice Vidal Icewine was a part of our celebrations of course and Jamie's son Robbie served us a sampling of it for a first wedding kiss with Icewine. How sweet it is!