About The Ice House Winery and Northern Ice

“In developing this new “toasting” style of Icewine, my dream was to have people taste Northern Ice and be blown away by its complexity, intensity and long lasting, balanced flavour. “

– Jamie Macfarlane, The Wizard of Icewine at The Ice House Winery

In 2005, Jamie began crafting Northern Ice Premium Icewine at The Ice House Winery. This cozy 19th-century peach-packing barn welcomes visitors to view the vineyards and fermentation tanks where it all happens while sipping on Icewine.

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The Ice House Winery holds a unique position in the wineries of Niagara-on-the-Lake. It is the only winery that exclusively makes Icewine. That’s right. This winery is totally dedicated to making and perfecting, “Canada’s liquid gold.” Winemaker, Jamie Macfarlane is committed to creating the highest quality Icewine in the world. Jamie decided the way to achieve this lofty goal was to dedicate 100% of his time to the making and mastering Icewine. Macfarlane says Icewine is like classical music. He sees it as complex, intense, harmonious and balanced with an indescribable “Wow” factor.

In 2010, The Ice House Winery’s Icewine was selected as Canada’s Premium Gift for the celebration at the Golden Globes Oh Canada event.

In 2011, Jim Treliving of the Dragon’s Den and CBC’s newest show; The Big Decision said he wanted to invest in the winery. Karen and Jamie chose to not expand with Treliving, but chose to focus on innovative tastings at the retail store to share their knowledge of Icewine. Today, The Ice House makes a limited supply of Northern Ice Premium Icewine and is the proud recipient of 3 International Monde Selection Grand Gold Medals.  Jamie’s crisp “toasting style” of Icewine is making The Ice House Winery famous for their innovative food pairings and N’Ice Slushies. A visit to The Ice House Winery is never complete without The Ice House N’Ice Slushie.  This refreshing, sweet and delicious chilled treat is a favourite way for bike riding guests to revive themselves. Like The Ice House Winery, the N’Ice Slushie is a must-do Icewine experience for any wine country tour in Niagara.

Meet Jamie and Karen

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Jamie Macfarlane and Karen King


Ice Wine Maker, Jamie Macfarlane, began his winemaking career in Côte D’Or, France. When he returned to Canada he joined the team to create the first Niagara commercial Icewine and now operates an Icewine only winery. Learn More

Coach, Sensory Expert, Foodie. Karen King, Jamie’s wife and business partner is passionate about the magic of Icewine. She applies her food and sensory expertise to The Ice House Winery to support Jamie’s expertise as a master winemaker. Learn More[/one_second]