How would you like to be an Icewine Expert? 

Next stop: The Grapevines for Icewine Niagara

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When weather permits it, take a leisurely walk out to the Cabernet Sauvignon grape vines and discover the magic that happens when Mother Nature drops her temperature to allow the magical transformation of fresh fruit nuances to develop. Step inside and enjoy The Ice House Slushies and finish off at the tasting bar, where you can be the judge and taste award 3 winning Icewines and gain more Icewine expertise.

Sip & Savour 3 to 5 Icewines during your Icewine Tasting

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If you love the excitement of discovery, plan to visit to The Ice House Winery; Niagara’s hidden gem, featuring the Magic of Icewine.

Feel welcomed at this 19th century peach packing barn that has been transformed into a fascinating display of antiques and wine making equipment. Its here where the Ice House guides will help you reinvent yourself as an Icewine expert.

Jamie Macfarlane has been creating Icewine in this region for over 30 years and his Northern Ice Premium Icewine, is known for its layers of fresh fruit complexity. If you thought Icewine was only a dessert wine and too sweet or too expensive for your tastes … hang on to your glass; your Icewine guides will show you the secrets behind pairing Icewine and blending Icewine Slushies and Cocktails. The 2016 Icewine lineup includes five unique “toasting style” Icewines with natural fruit flavours that move through your palette like a beautiful symphony and end with a clean, fresh finish. The Northern Ice Vidal and Cabernet Sauvignon Grand Gold winning Icewine varietals remain top favourites at the winery and the more rare Northern Ice Signature Series of Icewines provide added depth to this unique sensory experience. Sample Riesling Icewine with its clean citrus and creme brûlée nuances; the delicious papaya, mango tropical notes in the Gewürztraminer and the fresh summer strawberry raspberry aromatics of the Cabernet Franc.