I Get Hooked On HOW to Make Wine!

Trip to France 011 300x225 WineMaking (Part Four)   I Get Hooked On How to Make WineWhen did I get hooked on how to make wine? It took me a couple of days of bike riding from the Paris airport to approach the steady climb on my way to Burgundy.I was used to mountainous terrain (did I mention I was born in Hamilton?).

The climb was long and into a strong headwind. Finally, I arrived at the summit and saw the other side. There it was.

The Cote D’Or. A valley carpeted with vineyards. I had never seen anything like it.

I started down the long ride still into the heavy wind. The wind was so strong it kept me from gaining too much speed on the decent. I didn’t have to brake at all. It was like floating. Floating down towards the vineyards. Towards something I could feel was very special.

I had arrived in the world of wine, soon to be hooked.