The Road to Making Icewine

People often ask me about making Icewine and it has been a long and winding road.

jamie21 WineMaking (Part I) – The Road to Making IcewineI have just enjoyed two weeks in Europe where I returned to the Lemay family in Saint Aubin, Cote-d'Or, France, who for generations have owned the Domaine Hubert Lamy winery where I worked my first grape harvest 30 years ago.

The trip was the inspiration to this winemaker's blog, a return to the past and continuation of my appreciation of this industry.  The wine is about the terroir and the people and the history; it is both glamorous and arduous and its influence on our culture is still a fascination to me.

I welcome you on my journey to remembering how little I knew when I first rode my bicycle into southern France to my ongoing specialization in Icewine. It has been a rocky road filled with pleasure, passion and appreciation; always appreciation.